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Why Settle for A Childlike Aesthetic?

Updated: Jan 2

A Mature Toddler Bedroom

It's New Year’s Eve, and it is also my daughter's birthday. She turned 3 today, and as a gift to her, my husband and I focused the last several months on creating a space she would love and grow into. As you can tell from my last blog post on my other daughter's bedroom, I do not like designing kitschy kid spaces. They grow so fast, so why design or decorate a space that you will have to redo again in a couple of years?



If you've followed my work for quite a while, you know I am very candid about the fact that interior design can be quite costly. That said, I do not subscribe to the belief that only the rich and wealthy can have beautiful homes and/or luxurious spaces. So how the latter translates to my design ethos is simple…I aim to create spaces that are functional, livable, timeless, sophisticated, and budget friendly.

This bedroom was no different. I wanted a room that:

  • My daughter could sleep, play, and read a book in (hence the current layout).

  • Housed pieces that had longevity (so I chose solid wood vintage furniture, most sourced from Facebook Marketplace).

  • Wasn't juvenile and could be used by guests if needed (those of you from large African families will appreciate this. During the holidays, you need every room in your home, and if a kid's bedroom is set up to accommodate an adult comfortably, that's always a bonus).

Once the layout of the room was set, it was all about decorating. Yes, I hung vintage tapestry on the wall as art and flanked it with large candle sconces with crystal votives. In case you are interested in hanging a rug or tapestry to your walls, do check out the company Zoroufy ( They were a delight to work with. Hanging tapestry on the wall may not be for everyone, but art on the wall can be anything you choose and for me I wanted a focal piece other than the bed. While the room has lots of brown tones, I also infused lots of color through accessories.

Lastly, I love to pay homage to the style of homes I design. So, while the design style of this room may read more traditional (that's the style of my home), I make it current by infusing contemporary elements that knock-it-off a bit. Case in point, the yummy yellow barrel chair that stops you in your tracks when you enter the room. It is also super comfortable.

I kept this post short, because I knew many of you were getting ready to celebrate the new year. But if you would like ODD tips for designing kids’ spaces, do check out my last blog post for details.

It's been a great joy sharing the evolution of my home with y'all this year and I can't wait to tackle and share additional spaces in the coming year. Until then, I wish you all a Happy New Year.


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