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Can You Combine Form, Function, and Feelings?

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Create a Cozy Master Bedroom with a Desert Modern Twist

If you asked anyone what room, in their home, they spend most of their time in, the answer will likely be the same across the board – bedroom. And in my view, that’s correct, because for most of us we spend at least 7hrs in that space sleeping, getting ready for the day, hiding from the kids, working, the list is endless. So, for a space that is quasi multifunctional and seems to work really hard to fit our daily needs, how does one make it a sanctuary without losing sight of its core purpose????



Well, it boils down to what I’ve talked a lot about on this blog which is, form and function must always co-exist to ensure sustainable design. Doing this can be challenging, but I am here to share some insightful tips on how to design a sophisticated master bedroom (or any bedroom for that matter) that will fit your needs. As always, I’ll use my own space as a use-case.

With every design project, I start with function first. The master bedroom project was no different. However, there was a little twist this time. I considered how we (my husband and I) wanted to feel when we were in this space. Specifically, we wanted to feel relaxed, calm, happy, productive, and loved. You might does one mesh these 3Fs (form, function, and feelings) together? Well in my case, I focused on the following:

  • Creating specific zones (i.e., a zone for sleeping, zones for lounging and sitting, and a zone for storage) - Function

  • Choosing colors and pieces that would evoke a feeling of serenity (I chose to go with white - Benjamin Moore, Chantilly Lace ) - Feeling; and

  • Honing-in on a design style for the space – in my case I chose desert modern - Form

Some have described desert modern as a marriage of Scandi and Boho or Scandinavian design with a dash of Moroccan influence. I just think it’s cozy and sophisticated. But I digressed.

Channeling this specific design style meant:

  • Working with lots of neutrals (i.e., my wall color; bed linen and upholstery, drapery, even my wall-to-wall carpet which for cost reasons, I can’t replace yet)

  • Incorporating various textures (i.e., the rogues, blankets, pillow covers, etc.)

  • Mixing vintage and mid-century modern pieces (i.e., lighting and furniture)

  • Bringing in some rust brown and green tones (think colors you see in an oasis in the desert); and

  • Punctuating it all with black accents

It was all about decorating once I figured out how to combine my 3Fs, and I think the room has turned out exactly as I visualized it. I’ve included detailed ODD tips below to get you one step closer to designing your dream bedroom.

Let me know in the comments below if you found these tips useful.



ODD Tips for Master Bedrooms


  • Plan ahead and budget accordingly. This helps you know where to splurge and where to save

  • Let Pinterest be a useful guide as you research design styles you might be drawn to

  • Create zones – Figure out how else you would like to use the room. I am always a huge advocate for a tall mirror, seating, and dresser if you have the space to accommodate all these items


  • Get inspired by the things that you love or that make you happy (I love art galleries, and my family, so I created little vignettes to represent those items)

  • Don’t be afraid to mix vintage and modern pieces (my dresser is a 1960s piece I got on Craigslist; the spindle bench I got from Target; and the Christopher Knight bench I got from Amazon)

  • Switch-out your builder grade lights and incorporate some task lighting as well. Hot tip, if there's a designer light you really love (but expensive), it's likely you could source a high-quality dupe of the same piece on Amazon. I found this Alexane inspired chandelier on Amazon for a fraction of the price

  • Repurpose pieces you have that are in great condition and still work with your design (for me that was my headboard, nightstands, vintage dresser, and mirror)

  • Invest in pieces that will stand the test of time (bed, chairs, dressers, chaise lounge etc.)

  • Think of scale when selecting pieces for the room and aim for items that will make the room bigger than it is

  • Position your furniture in a manner that allows for easy movement and flow in the room

  • Double up on your duvet insert to achieve that lush hotel-like bed

  • Asymmetry is a good thing in design (It’s visually more interesting - I used this a lot in the placement of furniture or when hanging art)

  • Hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible - it gives the illusion of high ceilings in the room

  • Use sheer curtains to bring in light and blackout curtains if you like your room to be quite dark when sleeping

  • Break some design rules (why not, it's your space). I used 4 rogues in my room (all over wall-to-wall carpet, and I think it works). In the design world this might be considered sacrilege)


  • Always have a large wall mirror. You can use it to check your outfit, and the reflection of light in it always creates the illusion of a larger space and brightens up the room

  • Flowers and/or branches can elevate your decor. I'm always looking to Athena Calderon's designs for inspiration

  • There's power in odd numbers - works like a charm when decorating the tops of dressers, side tables or nightstands)

  • Incorporate coffee table books. They are esthetically pleasing, and you can learn a thing or two from them about styling your space

  • Bring in color through accents (pillow covers, throw blankets etc.). This is a great way to switch things up every now and then if you struggle with committing to a specific wall color

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