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Need a Professional’s Opinion on Design?

Let’s Talk ODD with Reidy Creative

In starting this blog, I promised to give you all the opportunity to hear from professionals and experts in interiors, that way, we can all get smarter about interior design and architecture together.

Credit: Reidy Creative

Well, I recently had the privilege and honor of speaking with Baltimore native, Tiffanni Reidy, Founder and CEO of Reidy Creative, and I must say I left our conversation feeling quite smart. Tiffanni is an expert in interior architecture and graphic design with a passion for photography. She’s been in the business for about 12 years and was recently named by Elle Décor as one of the black designers and creatives to follow on Instagram (no small feat). Tiffanni is a mom, a wife, and entrepreneur who tackles both residential and commercial spaces, and loves the challenges that both forms of design bring.

Credit: Reidy Creative

Our dialogue covered a lot of ground, from budgets to controversial aspects of design, to her own unique tips that we should all consider when starting a renovation. I hope you find this discussion as enlightening as I did.

Tell me what inspired you to begin designing interior spaces?

My interest in trying to make a space function for my needs was really the beginning of my venture into interiors. I had a tendency to move furniture around quite a bit while in undergrad. However, I really started to consider this path seriously at the end of my junior year when I worked on a personal project creating 3D walk-throughs of houses. This passion led to my pursuit of a Masters in Interior Architecture from The George Washington University, two years as the editor and creator of DomiCile Magazine, and subsequently a career in interiors with a specific focus/interest in restaurant and residential design.

Credit: Reidy Creative

How do you find a good and reliable contractor?

  • Word of mouth

  • Have a drawing of your work and make sure the selected contractor can execute it – contractors are not designers, so drawings are essential in making your vision come to light

  • The contractor should be able to answer all your questions – so ask them everything you can think of

  • A good contractor should ask you questions about the project too – “If you live in a home that’s more than 10yrs old and your contractor doesn’t point out anything that’s structurally questionable, that’s a red flag.”

  • Look for a contractor who is detail oriented

Credit: Reidy Creative

How would you describe your design style?

My style is colorful, modern, and vintage

What’s your opinion on this very controversial aspect of design – putting area rugs on wall-to-wall carpet? Can this be done right? If so, how?

It depends on where you live. The rules for design/decorating are situational, and in the case of rugs over carpet specifically, it’s a personal preference – do what makes you happy.

Credit: Reidy Creative

In your view why are stenciled floors not a mainstream thing given how cost effective they are?

I personally love stenciled floors, but they are time consuming to create, which might explain why it isn’t mainstream. Plus, there are not a lot of stenciling professionals.

How do you keep your budget in check while in the throes of a renovation?

Having a clear idea of what my clients must haves are is crucial to staying within the budget they choose — especially for residential clients. Once they’ve decided on their needs, I like to get a quote for those items first. Then I work with them to adjust their budget accordingly since they might need to make a few hard decisions to stay within their ideal budget.

Credit: Reidy Creative

What’s your favorite type of space to design, commercial or residential?

I enjoy aspects of both. Residential – because I love getting to know my clients, understanding the way they live, and creating a space that really caters to their lifestyle. Commercial – because I love being on construction sites—seeing something that starts as a shell turn into a space reflective of what the client envisioned, and how that will help them bring their business dreams to light.

Credit: Reidy Creative

How do you maintain form and function in your own home?

In all of our public spaces, I go for function first, and just like everyone else, stick to a budget. If it doesn’t serve a purpose or bring me joy, I don’t like to have it in the house.

Credit: Reidy Creative

Credit: Reidy Creative

Do you have ODD tips for the ODDESSENCE family?

  • Organize – Make a list of items you want, and prioritize your must-haves before buying anything

  • Design – Work with a professional if you can. They will have a good grasp of the challenges you may be facing with the space, as well as having solutions you might not have thought of

  • Decorate – There are no rules, so decorate in a manner that makes you happy

Credit: Reidy Creative

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