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Are Traditional Bathrooms a Blast from the Past?

Not if they Have a Touch of Contemporary.

I just realized it's been almost a year since I posted on this blog. Yikes!! That said I am giving myself grace coz I had to adjust to a few life changes; my growing family, professional growth as a scientist, designing for clients, writing as a columnist for ADIVA magazine, and just living as a human being.



I have also enjoyed pushing my design skills. And I have to say, elevating a builder-boring bathroom in my home was the perfect challenge. I had a vision and wasn’t going to be deterred from it…what can I say, it's the Taurus in me. What's the vision, you ask? Well, it was simple, to create a beautiful traditional bathroom reminiscent of hotels and resorts I have lived in.

As with every design project I tackle, I start with function first. That includes coming up with answers to the following questions:

  • Who's the intended end user of the space? - In this case my son and guests were the end users.

  • What problem(s) do I need to solve? - For this project that included:

    • Managing issues with staining caused by tons of iron in our water (it turns every surface pink, if not cleaned daily).

    • Creating ample storage (that is a must in each space I design).

    • Coming up with a great lighting plan (as you know by now lighting can make or break a space, and multiple lighting sources [giving out ambient light] is what you want always).

    • Giving the illusion of tall ceilings in the room.

  • How much of a beating were frequently used surfaces in this space going to take? - The shower walls and floor, faucets, doorknobs, etc. were going to be the items that got beat up the most.

Once the functionality boxes were checked off, it was all about the floor plan, organization solutions, and the pretty stuff. Sticking to the architecture of my home (colonial style), I designed a bathroom that is traditional, contemporary, and current with the times. Case in point, notice the stacked tile technique I used in the shower? It's contemporary, gives the illusion of the ceiling being higher than it is, but the texture is one that is earthy/old.

In prior articles, I’ve shared details regarding how I organize and decorate spaces, and how I source pieces, including antiques - no room I design is complete without something classic with history and patina. So, while I won't be rehashing those techniques here (feel free to check out my past blog posts for ODD tips), this time, I’ll try something different, and aim to answer all questions you have about this project and interior design overall.

Go ahead and pose your questions in the comments, none will be off limits or left unanswered…


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1 Comment

Elvira Nguelewou
Elvira Nguelewou
May 12

Absolutely stunning!!!

Did you have a shower in this bathroom prior to your project?

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