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White Enough For You?

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Creating a relaxing bathroom with neutrals.

For many of us, our bathrooms are a sanctuary. We visit it first thing in the morning and several times throughout the course of the day. We sometimes even use it as a refuge from our kids – please don’t judge! So, when it came to re-doing our master bathroom, my husband and I knew we wanted something light, airy, and dare-I-say, timeless. The bathroom has great bones and a good foot-print, but the previous color scheme made it very uninviting.

Renovating bathrooms can be pricey, and since we intend to do a huge overhaul of ours in the next 2yrs or so, I wanted to limit my financial investment, but maximize the design of the space. To achieve this, I focused on the following:

  • Keeping the existing cabinetry (but changing the color and replacing the knobs)

  • Replacing the previous countertops with an inexpensive and natural element (butcherblock)

  • Swapping out the builder grade mirrors for something more elegant and unique

  • Taking out the old glass shower door (and creating visual height with shower curtains)

  • Painting the entire room white (including the floors, ceiling, trim, doors, shower walls and tub surround)

  • Changing out all the light fixtures

  • Bringing in pops of color through accessories (art, an area rug, plants, and storage)

  • Ensuring the room smells fresh always

My design was inspired by my love for Scandinavian, modern, and even farmhouse styles. Having a home that is backed-up by beautiful trees, meant I could take down my old dingy window blinds, and bring in amazing light and the stunning tree views.

This was quite an undertaking, but I am glad we did it. My husband did most of the heavy lifting (literally), and I couldn’t be more grateful (love you babe!). We outsourced some of the work (e.g., painting of walls [not floors – we did those ourselves]; demo, plumbing, electrical), and I organized, designed, and decorated it all! The factors I accounted for in my ODD process were, functionality, practically, and style. A breakdown of my ODD tips and the essential pieces I used is below.

What do you think? Do you love it as much as I do? I think the bright white coupled with the natural elements from wood, accents of black, and the pops of color do make the room vibrant, inviting, and definitely a space I truly want to spend all my time in these days.

Thanks for stopping by. Do follow me on Instagram to see more before and after shots, and pictures of design pieces I used in this space.



ODD Tips for Bathrooms


  • Organize your thoughts. Yes - get on Pinterest, Instagram, Google, YouTube, etc. and get inspiration on what you might like in your space.

  • Have a budget and mark it up by at least 5% (something always goes wrong, and the extra cash in the budget comes in handy)

  • Be true to yourself about how you will use the space, and have a plan to keep it organized. Storage containers will become your best friends

  • Don't be shy about using weird items for storage. I found a lovely rustic wooden bowl which I use to store my bath soaps, and use a wire basket for my toilet paper

  • Keep the room clean and fragrant. Love this TOUCHE diffuser.


  • Be ready to adapt - your vision for the space might evolve as you start putting pieces together (it's okay)

  • Keep form and function in mind always (bullet 2 above applies here as well)

  • Know where to splurge and where to save your pennies


  • Don't be afraid to use art in the bathroom. I framed a piece my girls made for me on Valentine's day, and I see it every morning

  • Invest in pieces that will last you a while. I purchased this amazing toilet brush and plunger from Full circle home, and have no regrets

  • Shop smart and become familiar with the following places when sourcing unique and reasonably priced items for your space (Home Goods, Ross, Ikea, World Market, and your local antique stores). Oh, Amazon should also become your best friend (love the fast shipping)

  • Light it up - use different types of lighting to create a bright, yet cozy bathroom

Breakdown of Essential Pieces

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