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A little about me. I wear many hats in my family (wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin… the list goes on). However, what might be of interest to you visiting today, is that I am just a regular career driven professional, who loves science, and is passionate about organization, design, and decor (get what the ODD stands for now?). Let’s be clear, I have NO formal training in any of these areas. That said, I do

enjoy creating a beautiful space that helps my family operate efficiently each day, while increasing the property value of my home. I love a good bargain and aim to create spaces that are budget friendly, functional, and stylish.

This platform is my creative outlet, and a means for me to help anyone wishing to create a charming yet functional space. I’ll be sharing the improvements I make to my home (welcome your constructive feedback); while also assisting you with any projects you might have. On my own home projects, there are likely to be some faux pas along the way (the price of creativity), lots of laughter, maybe even some tears but, that’s all part of the process, right? Hopefully you will stick with me throughout this journey, as we learn and enjoy the art of curating exquisite spaces together!

For some who’ve known me a while, you’ll see I’ve been (in the words of Carrie Bradshaw) “cheating on fashion with furniture.” Checkout my venture into the fashion world through KILSEFASHION.

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